South West Brick & Stone offer three main ranges of product type: concrete, clay and natural stone paving. We can assist with design/technical assistance , ensuring a suitable choice of product is used on any given requirement.

The majority of paving systems are increasingly being requested to meet high levels of storm water drainage criteria. We can offer sustainable urban drainage systems which meet all these requirements. Also on offer is the largest clay paving range with a multitude of colours and textures.

A wide variety of natural stones and granite setts are also available with pedestrian systems to match.

We aim to offer unbiased choice from across all our manufacturing outlets. Samples and literature are available on request.

Clay Paving

In the majority of applications, standard block or cobble paving is required. We can supply from the market leaders a range of blue, stock and wirecut paving providing an array of shapes, sizes and patterns to suit most requirements. Varies depths are also available. Stain resistant, durable and colour fast, We offer offer good technical support on new guidelines for storm-water control and disabled-wheelchair access information. Other more niche suppliers offer a large collection of character pavers which are perfect for a distinct ‘aged’ feel. Variety of natural clay colours, these ranges guarantee a good blend with existing properties. Aldo used extensively on listed buildings.

Also available are several other manufacturer ranges of clay paving, including Slimpave, Random pave and large format paving block. Also diamond, square and ribbed pattern pavers available for a greater functional role.

Concrete Paving

A wide range of standard and specialist concrete block paving, permeable pavers, kerbs and specials. A large colour range is available – bespoke colours and textures can also be produced for special projects credited with BS EN IS0 9002.

Increasingly, local authorities and specifiers are requesting a more technically able product to match the increasing awareness on issues such as sustainability and skid-resistance. Manufacturers have developed and furthered these core requirements by introducing a storm water control systems.

These urban drainage system assists and allows heavy rain to infiltrate through a permeable concrete block paved surface into a unique sub-base before being released in a controlled manner into sewers or water coarses. Sustainability issues are therefore met head on and addressed.

Skid-resistance is also becoming an important issue. Therefore manufacturers have developed high skid resistant blocks using gritstone. Also available are Cornish range setts, cobbles and paving manufactured from crushed Cornish granite.

Natural Stone

Traditionally, the South West has always been an area dedicated to the use of granite paving be it setts, flags or paving slabs. Most popular colours are silver-grey and yellow grey, although a variety of granite types are available. Kerb edgings and all linked product specials are made to order. Varied finish types include fine picked, flamed and rough-punched, ensuring new products best match those established schemes.

Many external paving flags are available including Yorkstones, sandstones, limestones and slate. We also supply reclaimed flags. These are subject to availability.

For samples or literature please contact us.